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Origin Story

Master Choa instructed that Pranic Healers should not be lone rangers but be a part of a professional community of like-minded individuals, operating with passion, harmony and oneness. He believed that it is possible to accomplish much more and be stronger by working in a group rather than individually - freely sharing knowledge and information, and supporting one another in every way possible, so that we may all become successful in our Pranic Healing journeys.

Master Choa, therefore, ‘planted’ an important seed in his books, indicating that each country should establish a formal Pranic Healing Association, where members may achieve this. To materialize this simple instruction, in 2021,  a volunteer Board of Directors was set up to lead this key initiative and develop the fundamental principles under which such an organization would operate.

Master Choa’s instruction “to further disseminate and encourage the practice of pranic healing, a Pranic Healers’ Association can be established in each country...” - Miracles Through Pranic Healing p. 212.

And so the journey began to develop and set up a fully operational and professional Association for Pranic Healers, that would support and advance the future of Pranic Healing and would be given due respect and acknowledgement.

A multitude of volunteers worked hundreds of hours together, in specialist committees, to produce the organizational structure, and the operating details required for an Association to thrive and be successful. The APHA as it currently stands has been the culmination of dedication and hard work of the volunteers working in unison and collaboratively with each other, sharing thoughts and ideas, and arriving at consensus agreement.

Let us continue to fulfill Master Choa’s instruction and carry on working together as one community, by learning, sharing, spreading the teachings, enriching lives and advancing Pranic Healing as a profession.


We are delighted that you have joined us.

APHA is a professional association for U.S. Pranic Healers, focusing on the the following goals:

  • To support all US Pranic Healers through
    • Professional Development: by providing educational talks and resources and training materials for members interested in becoming professional Pranic Healers.

    • Community Building: To help create a supportive community of Pranic Healers (business and non-business owners) where knowledge and experiences can be shared.

  • To promote the awareness and recognition of MCKS Pranic Healing to the US public, to raise awareness about the benefits of Pranic Healing and its role in holistic well-being.
  • To coordinate with other local and national Pranic Healing Associations

By being a part of the APHA, together we are all actively contributing to this goal. 

Membership benefits include Professional Networking events, Online practice groups for personal and professional development, and Special events with Internationally renown speakers, all at no additional cost!  We offer opportunities for Members to share information about Meditation events they run, to help raise public awareness of Meditation Twin Hearts.  More events and opportunities are in development and being launched every month!

We are also supporting and realizing Master Choa’s instruction to establish a Pranic Healers’ Association in every country, so that it is recognized at a professional level, alongside conventional health and wellbeing practices.

We welcome Pranic Healers from all over the United States to be a part of this professional organization, operating with harmony and oneness. We are united by the common purpose of providing support and guidance to all our members on numerous aspects of Pranic Healing to help them along their journeys, including valuable resources and services, mentorship programs, community-based knowledge networking, practical skills, advice on careers and setting up your own business, and continued professional development. 

We invite and encourage you to network with fellow Pranic Healers, and take advantage of the knowledge, resources, and services that you will find here, thereby helping you to become proficient and successful Pranic Healers.

Let us work together as one community, help each other to practice and spread the teachings, and fulfill Master Choa’s vision of Pranic Healing becoming a recognised and well-respected profession. 

We at the APHA wish you the very best in your Pranic Healing journey.

With love and blessings,

Liza Burney
Executive Director
American Pranic Healing Association

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American Pranic Healing

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Your contribution helps us support establishing Pranic Healing as a Profession. We are in the process of gaining our tax-exempt status from the Internal Revenue Service and we expect to gain our 501(c)(6) status retroactive to the date of incorporation.  Donations to American Pranic Healing Association are not deductible as charitable contributions as defined under IRC section 170(c). However, they may be deductible if they constitute an ordinary and necessary business expense.  Please contact your tax professional for advice.

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We invite you to use PranaConnect, a one-stop concierge service for Pranic Healing as a Profession including APHA. Please click the concierge bell icon located below right to access APHA’s self-help knowledge base and email and chat with help agents.

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